Type: Christmas Television Special
Genre: 3D Animation
Story: A magical humbug that attracts the magical reindeer of Santa is brought to the town of Winterton by a little orphan girl. Winterton is a frozen town with frozen hearts and frozen people. The warmth of the little girl and the magical music of the humbug bring Santa, the reindeer and Christmas back to Winterton.
We have started the animation process for HUMBUG, A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Here are turnarounds for two of the Humbugs!
We have also created a fun, interactive app for HUMBUG, A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Choose your platform whether it is Mac or PC. It should automatically download and ask you to save it to your computer. When the file downloads, double-click it and it will start an install window. Follow along through the steps and when installed you will have an icon on your desktop.